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      HRULE 15.9     


Rule 15.9.  Procedure in committee

The Select Committee on Discipline and Expulsion shall provide to the representative who is the subject of the resolution under consideration all the rights of a person to due process of law and, accordingly, shall:

(1)  Conduct all hearings as public hearings, and only after informing the member in writing of the date and time of each meeting held for the purpose.

(2)  Invite the member who is the subject of the hearing to attend all meetings of the committee in person and to be accompanied by legal counsel, or to be represented at the hearings by legal counsel of his choice if he is unable to be present.

(3)  Afford the member full opportunity to be heard and to present witnesses on his behalf and extend to him the right to confront and to cross examine witnesses called by the committee.

(4)  Advise the member immediately of the date and time of each meeting, in cases where the committee adjourns prior to completing its work and submitting its report to the House of Representatives.

HR 4, 1st Ex. Sess., 1986.

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