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      HRULE 7.6     


Rule 7.6.  Legislative instruments; preparation by staff; deadline for requests; introduction copies; printing

A.(1)  All legislative instruments shall be printed and such number of copies thereof as shall be required by the Clerk presented at the time of prefiling or introduction.  All bills shall be printed upon prefiling or introduction for distribution.

(2)  No instrument introduced in the House of Representatives shall be scheduled or reported by committee or, in case of perfunctory resolutions, adopted by the House, if it was not prepared for introduction by the House Legislative Services staff, until such instrument has been placed in the House computer data base in proper form by the House Legislative Services staff.

(3)  During a regular session, a request for legislation which is to be introduced on the last day for introduction of matters having the effect of law shall be received by House Legislative Services staff not later than 6:00 p.m. on the day prior to the last day for introduction.

B.  A copy of each legislative instrument prefiled with the Clerk of the House or introduced shall be made available through the Internet home page of the House of Representatives.  A copy of each such legislative instrument shall be transmitted by the Clerk to each member of the House who so requests.  The Clerk shall make copies available to any person who requests a copy.

C.  Study requests, commendations, reports, memorials, petitions, and other documents shall be printed only on the order of the House.

Mason's Manual:  Sec. 732

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