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      HRULE 8.22     


Rule 8.22. Vetoed bills; reconsideration

           A. A veto message from the governor shall be a privileged message and shall be read by the Clerk on the legislative day of its receipt at the first opportunity without interrupting pending business. The question of reconsideration of a vetoed bill shall lie over until the appropriate order of business during the Morning Hour of the next legislative day. The Clerk shall place each vetoed bill on the order of the day in numerical order by day of receipt.

           B. The question upon reconsideration, unless a substitute or other main motion be made, shall be the question of the passage of the bill subsequent to the governor's veto. Upon reconsideration, the motion to sustain the governor's veto, as well as any subsidiary or main motion which is in order during the consideration of the final passage of a bill, shall be in order.

           C. On the last calendar or legislative day of a session, after the Clerk shall have read a veto message, the House shall reconsider the bill upon motion, duly adopted, of any member. The motion to take up the reconsideration of a vetoed bill shall be deemed a privileged incidental motion, shall be in order during any order of business unless another motion or instrument then be pending, and shall be adopted by a majority of those present and voting.

           Mason's Manual: Sec. 458

           HR 3, 1973; HR 7, 1978.

NOTE: 8.28 renumbered 8.22 by authority of House Rule 2.10(D)(4). See HR 6, eff. May 30, 2013, for repeal of prior 8.22.

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