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      RS 37:223     


NOTE: §223 eff. Jan. 1, 2021. See Acts 2020, No. 231.

§223. Advertisements for legal services

            A. The legislature recognizes that legal advertisements in the state have the potential to mislead individuals who need professional legal services and that potential litigants have the right to know what expenses will be associated with legal representation.

            B.(1) Any advertisement for legal services, in any format, that contains a reference to a monetary settlement agreement or an award by a jury verdict previously obtained by the advertising attorney shall, in the same advertisement, disclose all attorney fees paid to the advertising attorney that are associated with the settlement agreement or award by jury verdict.

            (2) The disclosure of all attorney fees associated with the settlement or jury verdict when presented in print shall be in a font size no smaller than half the size of the largest font size used in the advertisement and when presented verbally shall be audible, intelligible, and presented with equal prominence and in the same manner as the other parts of the advertisement.

            C. The Louisiana Supreme Court may adopt rules as necessary to implement and enforce the provisions of this Section.

            D. (1) For purposes of this Section, "media entity" includes the following:

            (a) Radio or television broadcast station.

            (b) Cable television company.

            (c) Newspaper or periodical company.

            (d) Billboard company.

            (e) Voice, data, or other communications.

            (f) Information services.

            (g) Internet access provider.

            (h) Bona fide news or public interest website operator.

            (2) The provisions of this Section shall not limit or otherwise affect the carriage, distribution, transmission, or display of any advertisement by a media entity. Any carriage, distribution, transmission, or display of an advertisement by a media entity shall not be considered a violation of this Section by the media entity.

            Acts 2020, No. 231, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 2021.

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