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      RS 27:602     


§602. Definitions

            For purposes of this Chapter, the following terms shall have the following meanings ascribed to them unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

            (1) "Anti-money laundering standards" or "AML" means the requirements and guidelines provided in the federal Bank Secrecy Act of 1970, as amended, and the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020, as amended, for the prevention and detection of money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

            (2) "Applicant" means a person, business, or legal entity who has submitted an application to the board seeking a license or permit, or the renewal of a license or permit.

            (3) "Application" means the forms and schedules prescribed by the board upon which an applicant seeks a license or permit, or the renewal of a license or permit. An application shall also include any other information or fee required by the board to be submitted with an application such as disclosure statements, financial statements, and any type of fees.

            (4) "Board" means the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, as established by R.S. 27:11.

            (5) "Business or legal entity" shall have the same meaning as that term is defined in R.S. 27:3.

            (6) "Division" shall have the same meaning as that term is defined in R.S. 27:3.

            (7) "Electronic sports wagering" means sports wagering via a sports wagering mechanism on a licensee's premises or through a website or mobile application.

            (8) "License" means a license or authorization to operate, or to contract with a sports wagering platform provider to operate, a sports book in this state in compliance with the provisions of this Chapter.

            (9) "Licensee" means any person issued a license by the board.

            (10) "Louisiana State Racing Commission" means the commission established in R.S. 4:144.

            (11) "Mobile application" means an application on a mobile phone or other device through which a player is able to register, fund, and place a wager with an operator on a sports event and receive a credit on the player's sports wagering account.

            (12) "Mobile wagering" means wagering on a sports event through a website or mobile application.

            (13) "Net gaming proceeds" means the amount equal to the total gross revenue of all wagers placed by patrons less the total amount of all winnings paid out to patrons and the amount of eligible promotional play determined pursuant to R.S. 27:627. "Net gaming proceeds" shall not include wagers placed by patrons on racehorse wagering or winnings paid out to patrons on racehorse wagering.

            (14) "Operator" or "sports wagering operator" means the entity that actually books a sports wager. The operator may be:

            (a) The licensee who manages and operates a sports book itself.

            (b) The licensee's contracted sports wagering platform provider, in accordance with the scope of that contract, when the licensee chooses to contract the management and operation of all or a portion of its sports book line-of-business with a platform provider.

            (15) "Patron" or "player" means an individual who places a wager on a sports event.

            (16) "Permit" has the same meaning as that term is defined in R.S. 27:3.

            (17) "Permittee" has the same meaning as that term is defined in R.S. 27:3.

            (18) "Person" has the same meaning as that term is defined in R.S. 27:3.

            (19) "Racehorse wagering" means wagers placed on horse racing conducted under the pari-mutuel form of wagering that are accepted by an offtrack wagering facility licensee as defined in R.S. 4:211 in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 4 of Title 4 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, and a board and Louisiana State Racing Commission approved agreement between the licensee and the offtrack wagering facility licensee or a board and Louisiana State Racing Commission approved plan of operation.

            (20) "Representation of value" means tokens, chips, vouchers, coupons, or electronic cards that are issued by the licensee and authorized for use in sports wagering by rules and regulations promulgated by the board.

            (21) "Sports book" means the offering of sports wagering by an operator on a licensee's premises or through a sports wagering platform.

            (22) "Sports event" means any professional sport or athletic event, any collegiate sport or athletic event, any amateur sport or athletic event, any Olympic or international sports competition event, any competitive video game or other electronic sports event, or any other special event or competition of relative skill as authorized by the board to be a sports event for purposes of this Chapter. "Sports event" shall not include high school sports, youth events, any international sports events where the majority of the participants are under the age of eighteen years, fantasy sports contests as provided in Chapter 6 of this Title, and any event prohibited by law.

            (23) "Sports wager" or "sports bet" means a sum of money or representation of value risked by a player on an occurrence associated with a sports event for which the outcome is uncertain. The term includes but is not limited to single-game bets, teaser bets, parlay bets, over-under bets, moneyline bets, pools, exchange wagering, in-game wagering, in-play bets, proposition bets, and straight bets.

            (24) "Sports wagering" means the acceptance of wagers on sports events or on portions of a sports event or on the individual performance or statistics of athletes or participants in a sports event or a combination of sports events, by any system or method of wagering.

            (25) "Sports wagering account" means an electronic financial record established with an operator for an individual patron in which the patron may deposit and withdraw funds for sports wagering and other authorized purchases and to which the operator may credit winnings or other amounts due to that patron or authorized by that patron.

            (26) "Sports wagering mechanism" or "kiosk" means a board-approved self-service mechanical, electrical, or computerized terminal, device, apparatus, or piece of equipment that is directly tied to a licensee's approved sports wagering platform that allows a patron to place a sports wager in a board-approved location on a licensee's premises. "Sports wagering mechanism" does not include a personal computer, mobile phone, or other device owned and used by a player to wager on a sports event.

            (27) "Sports wagering platform" means an integrated system of hardware, software, or applications, including mobile applications and servers, through which an operator conducts the business of offering sports wagering in accordance with this Chapter.

            (28) "Sports wagering platform provider" means a suitable business or legal entity that holds a permit from the board to engage in the operation of a sports book on behalf of a licensee.

            Acts 2021, No. 440, §1, eff. July 1, 2021; Acts 2022, No. 530, §2, eff. June 16, 2022.

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