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      RS 27:607     



§607. Operators; sports lounge required; responsibilities; pooling

            A.(1) An operator may conduct sports wagering in person or via a sports wagering mechanism located on its premises or through a website or mobile application.

            (2) Each licensee shall house its retail sports book in a sports wagering lounge on its premises which shall be restricted to patrons who are twenty-one years of age or older and shall conform to all requirements concerning square footage, design, equipment, security measures, and related matters which the board shall prescribe by rule.

            B. An operator shall establish and display the odds at which wagers may be placed on sports events. No operator shall accept a wager in person, via a sports wagering mechanism, or through a website or mobile application unless the wagering proposition is posted by electronic or manual means.

            C. An operator shall adopt comprehensive rules, which shall be approved by the board, governing sports wagering transactions with its patrons. The rules shall specify the amount to be paid on winning wagers and the effect of schedule changes. The rules, together with any other information the board deems appropriate, shall be conspicuously displayed in the establishment, posted electronically on any sports wagering mechanism, website, or mobile application, and included in the terms and conditions of the sports wagering account system.

            D. An operator shall maintain records of sports wagering activities and operations in accordance with rules and regulations of the board and follow federal anti-money laundering standards in the day-to-day operations of its business.

            E. Each operator shall designate one or more key employees who shall be responsible for the operation of the sports book.

            F. All wagers on sports events authorized pursuant to this Chapter shall be initiated, received, and otherwise made within the state unless otherwise determined by the board in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations. Consistent with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, 31 U.S.C. 5361 et seq., the intermediate routing of electronic data relating to a lawful intrastate wager authorized by this Chapter shall not determine the location or locations in which the wager is initiated, received, or otherwise made.

            G. An operator may pool wagers with persons who are not physically present in this state if the board determines that this wagering is not inconsistent with the law of this state or any federal law, including the law of any foreign nation in which the person is located, or that the wagering is conducted pursuant to a reciprocal agreement to which the state is a party that is not inconsistent with federal law.

            H.(1) A sports wagering licensee and its retail sports wagering operator may contract with an offtrack wagering facility licensee as defined in R.S. 4:211 to conduct racehorse wagering in its sports book lounge if the terms of the agreement have been approved by the board and the Louisiana State Racing Commission as required by R.S. 4:213(B) and the pari-mutuel wagering is conducted in accordance with the agreement.

            (2) A sports wagering licensee that is an association as defined in R.S. 4:143 and is also the holder of a license as defined in R.S. 27:353 and provided for in Chapter 7 of this Title may conduct pari-mutuel wagering in its retail sports book lounge if the pari-mutuel wagering is conducted in accordance with a board and Louisiana State Racing Commission approved plan of operation as required in R.S. 4:213(C).

            (3) The board may reconsider and withdraw its approval of an agreement or plan of operation upon a finding of noncompliance with the terms of the agreement or plan.

            Acts 2021, No. 440, §1, eff. July 1, 2021; Acts 2022, No. 530, §2, eff. June 16, 2022.

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