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      RS 27:609     


§609. Electronic wagering; kiosk; mobile wagering

            A.(1) Electronic wagering may be conducted only to the extent that it is conducted in accordance with this Chapter and in accordance with the rules and regulations promulgated by the board.

            (2) An operator may accept wagers made electronically using a sports wagering mechanism located on its premises or through a website or mobile application.

            B. Sports wagering mechanism. (1) A player may place a wager via a sports wagering mechanism with cash or vouchers or by utilizing the player's established sports wagering account.

            (2) Sports wagering mechanisms shall be located only on a licensee's premises in areas where accessibility is limited to patrons twenty-one years of age or older.

            (3)(a) Sports wagering mechanisms shall be branded in the same brand as the licensee, or the sports wagering platform provider, or both.

            (b) Each sports wagering mechanism shall:

            (i) Not have any device or program that will alter the reading of a bet, value, or amount of wagering or deposits to reflect a bet, value, or amount other than that actually wagered or deposited or any switches, jumpers, wire posts, or any other means of manipulation that could affect the operation or outcome of a wager.

            (ii) Not have any device, switch, program, or function that can alter the readings of the actual amounts or values relating to any function or occurrence of the mechanism.

            (iii) Have separate secure areas with locking doors for the logic board and software, the cash compartment, and the mechanical meters as required by the rules of the board. Access to one area from the other shall not be allowed at any time.

            (iv) Not have any functions or parameters adjustable by or through any separate video display or input codes, except for the adjustment of features that are wholly cosmetic.

            (v) Have a circuit-interrupting device, method, or capability that will disable the machine if the board-approved program is accessed or altered.

            (vi) Have a serial number or other identification number permanently affixed to the mechanism by the manufacturer.

            (c) Each sports wagering mechanism shall be linked to an operator's sports wagering platform for purposes of polling or reading mechanism activities and for remote shutdown of mechanism operations. If the platform fails as a result of a malfunction or catastrophic event, or the mechanism loses connectivity to the platform, the mechanism shall not accept any additional wagers until the connection to the platform is restored.

            (d) The board may provide for additional specifications for mechanisms to be approved and authorized pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter as it considers necessary to maintain the integrity of sports wagering mechanisms and operations.

            (4)(a) Any sports wager placed with cash via a sports wagering mechanism shall be evidenced by a ticket indicating the name of the operator booking the wager, the sports event on which the wager was placed, the amount of cash wagered, the type of bet and odds if applicable, the date of the event, and any other information required by the board.

            (b) A patron with a winning ticket shall redeem the ticket at the establishment of the licensee that booked the wager within one hundred eighty days of the date of the event.

            (5) A sports wagering mechanism may be utilized by a player to make a deposit in the player's sports wagering account.

            (6) Wagers placed via a sports wagering mechanism through a player's established sports wagering account shall be settled through the player's wagering account.

            C. Mobile wagering. (1) For purposes of mobile wagering, each licensee may contract with no more than two sports wagering platform providers who may each provide individually branded websites each of which may have an accompanying mobile application bearing the same brand as the website. The website and mobile application shall be offered only under the same brand as the licensee, or the sports wagering platform provider, or both. The website and mobile application shall be, at the discretion of the licensee, in addition to any other websites or mobile applications operated by the platform provider and offering other types of mobile gaming.

            (2) Wagering through a website or mobile application shall be subject to the following requirements:

            (a)(i) A patron shall establish a wagering account in person or remotely with the operator before the operator may accept any sports wager through a website or mobile application from the patron, and an initial verification of the account shall be completed by the operator either in person or remotely. An account may be established with a line of credit or as an advance deposit wagering account.

            (ii) No operator shall accept a sports wager through a website or mobile application from the public or any person who does not have an established account with the operator.

            (b) No wagers shall be placed when the player is physically located out of state or in a parish that has not approved a proposition authorizing sports wagering. An operator shall maintain geofencing and geolocation services and shall bear all costs and responsibilities associated with the services as required by the board.

            Acts 2021, No. 440, §1, eff. July 1, 2021.

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