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      CONST 3 16     


§16.  Appropriations

Section 16.(A)  Specific Appropriation for One Year.  Except as otherwise provided by this constitution, no money shall be withdrawn from the state treasury except through specific appropriation, and no appropriation shall be made under the heading of contingencies or for longer than one year.  

(B)  Origin in House of Representatives.  All bills for raising revenue or appropriating money shall originate in the House of Representatives, but the Senate may propose or concur in amendments, as in other bills.  

(C)  General Appropriation Bill; Limitations.  The general appropriation bill shall be itemized and shall contain only appropriations for the ordinary operating expenses of government, public charities, pensions, and the public debt or interest thereon.  

(D)  Specific Purpose and Amount.  All other bills for appropriating money shall be for a specific purpose and amount.  

(E)  Extraordinary Session.  Except for expenses of the legislature, a bill appropriating money in an extraordinary session convened after final adjournment of the regular session in the last year of the term of office of a governor shall require the favorable vote of three-fourths of the elected members of each house.  

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