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      RS 45:844.45     


§844.45.  Scope of Chapter

A.  Nothing in this Chapter shall authorize any local government to:

(1)  Provide a covered service.

(2)  Purchase, lease, construct, maintain, or operate a facility for the purpose of providing a covered service.

B.  Nothing in this Chapter shall apply to a local government purchasing, leasing, constructing or equipping facilities:

(1)  That are designed to provide services within the city or parish or both.

(2)  That the local government:

(a)  Uses for internal local governmental purposes.

(b)  By written contract, leases, sells capacity in, or grants other similar rights to a private provider to use the facilities in connection with a private provider offering a covered service.

Acts 2004, No. 736, §1, eff. July 6, 2004.

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