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      RS 38:2318.1     





§2318.1. Louisiana "No Bidding of Architectural and Engineering Professional Services" policy

            A. It is the policy of the state of Louisiana, its political subdivisions, and agencies to select architectural and engineering professional services on the basis of competence and qualifications for a fair and reasonable price. Neither the state nor any of its political subdivisions or agencies may select architects, engineers, landscape architects, and land surveyors wherein price or price-related information is a factor in the selection.

            B. However, the provisions of this Section shall have no effect on and shall not supersede any contract permitted pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 1 of Title 48 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950 relating to the authority for the Department of Transportation and Development to enter into design-build contracts or public-private partnership contracts, and the authority of the Louisiana Transportation Authority to enter into public-private partnership contracts, R.S. 38:85, 2225.2.1, or 2225.2.2 relating to the authority for certain political subdivisions to enter into design-build contracts, or R.S. 34:3523, relating to any port project that a notice of intent is advertised for in accordance with R.S. 34:3523, prior to December 31, 2020.

            C. It is the policy of the state of Louisiana that all records, as defined in R.S. 44:1(A)(2)(a), involved or dealing with the selection of architectural and engineering professional services shall be open to the public in accord with the intent of Article XII, Section 3 of the Constitution of Louisiana and R.S. 44:31.

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