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      RS 47:2155     


§2155.  Tax sale certificate

A.  The tax collector shall authenticate and file in accordance with law, in person or by deputy, in the political subdivision's name, a tax sale certificate to purchasers of any property to which tax sale title was sold for taxes, in which he shall relate in substance a brief history of the proceedings had, shall describe the property, state the amount of the taxes, interest, penalties, and costs and the bid made for the property, and the payment made to him in cash, cashier's check, certified check, money order, credit card, or wire transfer, or other payment method, shall sell tax sale title, and shall conclude the sale with the statement that the property shall be redeemable at any time during the applicable redemptive period beginning on the day when the tax sale certificate is filed with the recorder of conveyances in the parish in which the property is located.  The tax sale certificate shall contain the full name and address of the tax sale purchaser.  The tax sale certificate shall be sufficient if it is in the following form:

"Tax Sale Certificate

[Name of Political Subdivision]


[Name of Tax Debtor]

State of Louisiana

Parish of ______________

City of ________________

To: ___________________

BE IT KNOWN AND REMEMBERED, that, I, [Name of tax collector], Tax Collector in and for the [Name of political subdivision], in the name of the [name of political subdivision], and by virtue of the authority in me vested by the constitution and laws of the State of Louisiana and in pursuance of the requirements of those laws, having mailed and published the notice required by law and having strictly complied with each and every requirement of the laws relating to delinquent taxes and tax debtors and to seizures, advertisements, and sale of tax sale title to the property in full, did in the manner prescribed by law, advertise and list in [name of appropriate journal for legal notices] the property to be sold for delinquent property taxes with interest and costs for the year(s) of ________ in the [place of sale] on [dates of publication], beginning at ten o'clock A.M., giving notice in the issues of the newspaper and in said list as advertised the following described immovable property appearing in the name of ______________________.


Ward__________ Section No. _________

Taxes $__________________

Assessment No._____________________

Interest __________________

Penalties ________________

Costs ___________________

Total ___________________

Property description: _________________________________________________

And on said [date], after beginning but not completing said list, I continued the same within legal hours each succeeding legal day offering tax sale title to said property for sale at public auction in the manner required by said laws and the whole or the undivided interest of the tax debtor therein being the smallest amount of said property that any bidder would buy and pay the taxes and costs, and [Name of Purchaser] being the bidder, and having complied with the terms of sale, became the purchaser of tax sale title to the whole of the property or the undivided interest of the tax debtor therein.

NOW, THEREFORE, all the formalities of the law having been complied with, I [Name of Tax Collector], Tax Collector for said [Name of Political Subdivision], by virtue of the authority in me vested by the laws of the State of Louisiana do by these presents sell and transfer unto [Name and Address of Purchaser], tax sale title to property or the undivided interest of the tax debtor therein last above described with all the improvements thereon.  The tax debtor or any person interested personally or as heir, legatee, creditor, or otherwise, shall have the right to redeem the property for the period of three years [or other redemptive period] from the date of filing of this tax sale certificate.  The redemption may take place by paying the price given including costs and five percent penalty thereon with interest at the rate of one percent per month until the redemption.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto signed my name officially at __________, Parish of _____________________, in the presence of the two undersigned competent witnesses, who also signed on this _________ day of ________________, 2____.




Printed Name:

[Name of Tax Collector]



Printed Name:

[Name of Political Subdivision]


B.  A certified copy of the tax sale certificate is prima facie evidence of the regularity of all matters regarding the tax sale and the validity of the tax sale.

C.  The tax sale certificate contemplated by this Section is a tax deed for purposes of Article VII, Section 25 of the Louisiana Constitution.

Acts 2008, No. 819, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 2009; Acts 2009, No. 507, §1.

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