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      RS 47:2245     


§2245.  Redemption certificate

Upon payment of the redemption costs, the tax collector shall issue a redemption certificate in the name of the tax debtor and file the redemption certificate in the appropriate conveyance records.  When a redemption certificate is issued by the register of the state land office pursuant to this Subpart, the person redeeming the property shall file the redemption certificate in the appropriate conveyance records of the parish wherein the property is located.  The redemption certificate shall be sufficient if it is in the following form:



PARISH OF ___________________

CITY OF __________________

Having this day received from ___________________________ the sum of _________________________ Dollars ($__________), being the full amount of taxes, costs, penalties and interest, plus any subsequently paid taxes, accruing from that certain tax sale on the ___________ day of ________________________, _________, for the delinquent [name of political subdivision] taxes for the year _________, assessed to ____________________________________ covering tax sale title to that certain immovable property located in the parish described as which property was adjudicated at said tax sale to ____________________________.

NOW THEREFORE I, under the authority conferred on me by R.S. 47:2245, hereby certify said property as being redeemed to said tax debtor, or his successors in title, from any claims arising out of said tax sale.

DONE AND SIGNED at my office in ____________________, Louisiana this _________ day of __________________________, _________.



Printed Name:___________________[Name of tax collector] and Ex Officio

Tax Collector


Printed Name:___________________"

Acts 2008, No. 819, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 2009; Acts 2010, No. 281, §1.

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