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      RS 12:1302     



§1302.  Purpose

A.  A limited liability company may be organized under this Chapter and may conduct business for any lawful purpose, unless a more limited purpose is stated in its articles of organization.  A limited liability company shall not be formed for the purpose of insurance underwriting in all of its several forms.

B.  A limited liability company that is subject to regulation by another provision of state law may be formed under this Chapter if not prohibited by such other law.  Such a limited liability company shall be subject to all limitations of such other law.

C.(1)  A limited liability company organized as a low-profit limited liability company shall set forth in its articles of organization a business purpose that satisfies and which limited liability company is at all times operated to satisfy each of the following requirements:

(a)  The entity significantly furthers the accomplishment of one or more charitable or educational purposes within the meaning of Section 170(c)(2)(B) of the Internal Revenue Code and would not have been formed but for the entity's relationship to the accomplishment of charitable or educational purposes.

(b)  No significant purpose of the entity is the production of income or the appreciation of property provided; however, the fact that an entity produces significant income or capital appreciation shall not, in the absence of other factors, be conclusive evidence of a significant purpose involving the production of income or the appreciation of property.

(c)  No purpose of the entity is to accomplish one or more political or legislative purposes within the meaning of Section 170(c)(2)(D) of the Internal Revenue Code.

(2)  If a company that is organized pursuant to the requirements of Paragraph (1) of this Subsection at its formation at any time ceases to satisfy any one of the requirements, it shall immediately cease to be a low-profit limited liability company, but by continuing to meet all the other requirements of this Chapter, shall continue to exist as a limited liability company.  The name of the company shall be changed to be in conformance with R.S. 12:1306.

Acts 1992, No. 780, §2, eff. July 7, 1992; Acts 1993, No. 475, §4, eff. June 9, 1993; Acts 2003, No. 361, §2; Acts 2010, No. 417, §1.

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