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      RS 12:1405     


§1405.  Certificate of stock

A.  Each certificate of stock shall contain the corporation's full name and the following statement:  "Except when held in his own right by a natural person duly licensed to practice social work or another professional social work corporation in the state of Louisiana, the shares represented by this certificate are not entitled to be voted or to participate in the earnings of the corporation, and the holder is not entitled to participate in the management of, or in the rendition of social work services by, the corporation, or to have access to any records or communications pertaining to social work services rendered by, or any other affairs of, the corporation."

B.  Each certificate of stock shall contain a reference to any and all agreements among the corporation's voting shareholders made pursuant to R.S. 12:1408.

C.  There shall be no provision for compulsory offer of shares for purchase or by sale to the corporation, and, except as provided in R.S. 12:71, no restriction upon the transfer of shares, unless, in either event, such provision or restriction is stated or summarized on the certificate representing the shares.

Acts 1997, No. 1169, §1.

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