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      RS 14:102.5     


§102.5.  Dogfighting; training and possession of dogs for fighting

A.  No person shall intentionally do any of the following:

(1)  For amusement or gain, cause any dog to fight with another dog, or cause any dogs to injure each other.

(2)  Permit any act in violation of Paragraph (1) to be done on any premises under his charge or control, or aid or abet any such act.

(3)  Promote, stage, advertise, or be employed at a dogfighting exhibition.

(4)  Sell a ticket of admission or receive money for the admission of any person to any place used, or about to be used, for any activity described in Paragraph (2).

(5)  Own, manage, or operate any facility kept or used for the purpose of dogfighting.

(6)  Knowingly attend as a spectator at any organized dogfighting event.


(7)(a)  Own, possess, keep, or train a dog for purpose of dogfighting.

(b)  The following activities shall be admissible as evidence of a violation of this Paragraph:

(i)  Possession of any treadmill wheel, hot walker, cat mill, cat walker, jenni, or other paraphernalia, together with evidence that the paraphernalia is being used or intended for use in the unlawful training of a dog to fight with another dog, along with the possession of any such dog.

(ii)  Tying, attaching, or fastening any live animal to a machine or power propelled device, for the purpose of causing the animal to be pursued by a dog, together with the possession of a dog.

(iii)  Possession or ownership of a dog exhibiting injuries or alterations consistent with dogfighting, including but not limited to torn or missing ears, scars, lacerations, bite wounds, puncture wounds, bruising or other injuries, together with evidence that the dog has been used or is intended for use in dogfighting.

B.  "Dogfighting" means an organized event wherein there is a display of combat between two or more dogs in which the fighting, killing, maiming, or injuring of a dog is the significant feature, or main purpose, of the event.

C.  Whoever violates any provision of Subsection A of this Section shall be fined not less than one thousand dollars nor more than twenty-five thousand dollars, or be imprisoned with or without hard labor for not less than one year nor more than ten years, or both.

D.  Nothing in this Section shall prohibit any of the following activities:

(1)  The use of dogs for hunting.

(2)  The use of dogs for management of livestock by the owner, his employees or agents, or any other person having lawful custody of livestock.

(3)  The training of dogs or the possession or use of equipment in the training of dogs for any purpose not prohibited by law.

(4)  The possessing or owning of dogs with ears cropped or otherwise surgically altered for cosmetic purposes.

E.  Repealed by Acts 2008, No. 14, §2.

Added by Acts 1982, No. 432, §1.  Acts 1984, No. 661, §1; Acts 1993, No. 1002, §1; Acts 2001, No. 547, §1; Acts 2001, No. 734, §1, eff. June 25, 2001; Acts 2008, No. 14, §§1, 2.

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