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      RS 14:329.4     


§329.4.  Wrongful use of public property; permits for use of public property

A.  Wrongful use of public property is:

(1)  The intentional entering of or onto any public property without the permission of the lawful custodian thereof, or his designated representative, at any time when the public property is not open to the public and the remaining in or occupying of any public property after having been requested to leave by the lawful custodian thereof, or his designated representative, or any law enforcement or peace officer, and

(2)  The depriving of the general public of the intended use of public property without a permit.

B.  In accordance with R.S. 14:329.1 through 329.8, permits to occupy or use public property may be obtained from the lawful custodian thereof, or his designated representative, upon written application therefor.  All such applications shall describe the public property sought to be occupied or used and state the period of time during which the public property will be occupied or used.

C.  The lawful custodian, or his designated representative, may issue the permit if he determines that the use or occupation of the public property will not reasonably interfere with the intended or customary use of the public property by the general public and that the intended use will not destroy or damage the public property.

D.  For the purposes of this Section, the term "public property" means any public land, building, facility, structure, or enclosure used for a public purpose or as a place of public gathering, owned or under the control of the state or one of its agencies or political subdivisions.

Acts 1969, No. 176, §5; Acts 2014, No. 791, §7.

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