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      RS 14:368     


§368. Acts prohibited

           It shall be a felony for any person knowingly and wilfully to:

           1. Fail to register as required in R.S. 14:363, when required to so register by the terms of R.S. 14:358 through 373.

           2. Fail as an officer of a communist action organization, a communist front organization, a communist infiltrated organization or a subversive organization to perform and carry out the obligations set forth and provided in R.S. 14:362.

           3. File any false registration statement under the provisions of R.S. 14:362 and 14:363.

           4. Violate the provisions of R.S. 14:367 in regard to the labeling and dissemination of propaganda material.

           Amended by Acts 1965, No. 45, §1.

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