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      RS 14:371     


§371.  Screening of prospective public officials and employees

Every person and every board, commission, council, department, court or other agency of the state of Louisiana or any political subdivision thereof, who or which appoints or employs or supervises in any manner the appointment or employment of public officials or employees, shall establish by rules, regulations or otherwise, procedures designed to reasonably ascertain before any person, including teachers and other employees of any public educational institution in this state, is appointed or employed, that he or she is not a communist or a subversive person, and that there are no reasonable grounds to believe such person is a communist or a subversive person.  In the event such reasonable grounds exist, he or she shall not be appointed or employed.  In securing any facts necessary to ascertain the information herein required, the applicant may be required to sign a written affidavit containing answers to such inquiries as may be reasonably material.

Amended by Acts 1965, No. 45, §1.  

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