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      RS 14:372     


§372.  Candidates for public office; filing of nonsubversive affidavits

No person shall become a candidate nor shall be certified by any political party as a candidate for election to any public office created by the constitution or laws of this state unless such candidate for certification by the political party shall have attached to the qualifying papers, the nominating petition or nominating papers filed with the appropriate party committee of this state or the secretary of state, whichever the case may be, a sworn affidavit that the candidate is not and never has been a communist or a subversive person as defined in R.S. 14:359.  No qualification of candidates, nominating petition or nominating papers for such office shall be received for filing by the official aforesaid unless the same shall be accompanied by the affidavit aforesaid and there shall not be entered upon any ballot or voting machine at any election the name of any person who has failed or refused to make the affidavit as required above.  

Amended by Acts 1965, No. 45, §1.  

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