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      RS 14:50.2     


§50.2. Perpetration or attempted perpetration of certain crimes of violence against a victim sixty-five years of age or older

            The court in its discretion may sentence, in addition to any other penalty provided by law, any person who is convicted of a crime of violence or of an attempt to commit any of the crimes as defined in R.S. 14:2(B) with the exception of first degree murder (R.S. 14:30), second degree murder (R.S. 14:30.1), aggravated assault (R.S. 14:37), aggravated or first degree rape (R.S. 14:42), and aggravated kidnapping (R.S. 14:44) to an additional three years' imprisonment when the victim of such crime is sixty-five years of age or older at the time the crime is committed.

            Acts 2001, No. 648, §1; Acts 2015, No. 184, §1.

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