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      RS 14:92.1     


§92.1.  Encouraging or contributing to child delinquency, dependency, or neglect; penalty; suspension of sentence; definitions

A.(1)  In all cases where any child shall be a delinquent, dependent, or neglected child, as defined in the statutes of this state or by this Section, irrespective of whether any former proceedings have been had to determine the status of such child, the parent or parents, legal guardian, or any person having the custody of such child, or any other person or persons who shall by any act encourage, cause, or contribute to the dependency or delinquency of such child, or who acts in conjunction with such child in the acts which cause such child to be dependent or delinquent, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars, or by imprisonment for not more than six months, or by both fine and imprisonment.  

(2)  The court in which the case is heard may suspend the sentence for violation of the provisions of this Section, and impose conditions upon the defendant as to his future conduct, and may make such suspension dependent upon the fulfillment by the defendant of such conditions.  In the case of the breach of such conditions or any part of them, the court may impose sentence as though there had been no such suspension.  

(3)  The court may also, as a condition of such suspension, require a bond in such sum as the court may designate, to be approved by the judge requiring it, to secure the performance by such person of the conditions placed by the courts on such suspension.  The bond by its terms shall be made payable to the district judge of the parish in which the prosecution is pending, and any money received from a breach of any of the provisions of the bond shall be paid into the parish treasury.  The provisions of law regulating forfeiture of appearance bonds shall govern so far as they are applicable.  

(4)  Exclusive jurisdiction of the offense defined in this Section is hereby conferred on juvenile courts, in accordance with the provisions of law establishing such courts.  

B.  By the term "delinquency", as used in this section, is meant any act which tends to debase or injure the morals, health or welfare of a child; drinking beverages of low alcoholic content or beverages of high alcoholic content; the use of narcotics, going into or remaining in any bawdy house, assignation house, disorderly house or road house, hotel, public dance hall, or other gathering place where prostitutes, gamblers or thieves are permitted to enter and ply their trade; or associating with thieves and immoral persons, or enticing a minor to leave home or to leave the custody of its parents, guardians or persons standing in lieu thereof, without first receiving the consent of the parent, guardian, or other person; or begging, singing, selling any article; or playing any musical instrument in any public place for the purpose of receiving alms; or habitually trespassing where it is recognized he has no right to be; or using any vile, obscene, or indecent language; or performing any sexually immoral act; or violating any law of the state ordinance of any village, town, city, or parish of the state.  

The term "juvenile", as used in this section, refers to any child under the age of seventeen.  Lack of knowledge of the juvenile's age shall not be a defense.  

Added by Acts 1954, No. 624, §1.  Amended by Acts 1960, No. 505, §1; Acts 1966, No. 480, §1; Acts 1968, No. 647, §1; Acts 1991, No. 667, §1.  

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