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      RS 17:263     


§263. Adoption awareness; required instruction

            A. Adoption awareness shall be required instruction for high school students in public and nonpublic secondary schools in a manner deemed appropriate by the school principal.

            B. "Adoption awareness" as used in this Section means specific instruction on the benefits of adoption for families wishing to add a child, for potential adoptees, and for persons who are pregnant or who have a child for whom they are unable to care.

            C. Instruction on adoption awareness shall include the following:

            (1) The benefits of adoption to society.

            (2) The types of adoption available.

            (3) The difference between foster care and infant adoption.

            (4) The reasons adoption is preferable to abortion.

            (5) Public and private resources and agencies available to assist in the adoption process.

            (6) Statistical data on abortion, adoption, and childbirth.

            (7) Public and private resources available for pregnant mothers and parents.

            Acts 2006, No. 571, §1; Acts 2013, No. 329, §1; Acts 2022, No. 456, §1.

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