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      RS 17:51     




§51.  Parish boards as bodies corporate; power to sue and be sued; service of citation

There shall be a parish school board for each of the parishes, and these several parish school boards are constituted bodies corporate with power to sue.  The legislature hereby authorizes suits against any parish school board for the enforcement of contracts entered into by the school board or for recovery of damages for the breach thereof, without necessity of any further authorization by the legislature.  No other suits may be instituted or prosecuted against any parish school board unless in each individual case the legislature first has granted to the party or parties plaintiff the right to sue the particular school board, as provided in Section 26 of Article XIX and Section 35 of Article III of the Louisiana Constitution.  In suits against school boards citation shall be served on the president of the board and in his absence on the vice-president.  

Amended by Acts 1960, 1st Ex.Sess., No. 25, §1, emerg. eff. Nov. 8, 1960; Acts 1962, No. 67, §1.  

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