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      RS 18:106     


§106. Physical disability; inability to write English; language minority groups; execution of documents; assistance

            A. Upon the request of an applicant for registration or for any registered voter, without any formality, the registrar shall assist such person in the filling and execution of an application, affidavit, or other form or document governed by the voter registration laws. Any person authorized to accept voter registration applications shall assist such person in the completion and execution of an application used for registration, change of address, or change of name.

            B. If the person requesting assistance has a physical disability or is unable to read or write English, the registrar or any person authorized to accept voter registration applications shall assist the person by reading the documents to him and by executing the documents by writing what the person dictates. If the applicant or voter does not speak English adequately for such dictation, the dictation shall be given and taken through an interpreter. If the applicant or voter is able to sign his name to the document, he shall do so. If he is unable to sign his name, he shall sign with his mark in the presence of two witnesses, who shall sign as witnesses to his mark.

            C.(1) If subsequent to registration a voter acquires a physical disability and needs assistance in voting, he shall notify the appropriate registrar in person or by mail and shall furnish the registrar proof of disability.

            (2) For purposes of this Subsection proof of disability means one of the following:

            (a) A certificate of a medical doctor or optometrist certifying to the irremediable nature of the physical disability.

            (b) A copy of a current mobility impairment identification card bearing a photograph of the voter and the international symbol of accessibility issued by the secretary of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections as authorized by R.S. 47:463.4.

            (c) A copy of current documentation showing eligibility for social security disability benefits, veteran's disability benefits, paratransit services, benefits from the office for citizens with developmental disabilities, or benefits from Louisiana Rehabilitation Services.

            (d) A completed and signed voter registration application attesting that the voter has a physical disability and requires assistance in voting.

            (3) If notifying the registrar by mail, in addition to notice and proof of disability, the voter shall furnish the registrar a copy of his Louisiana driver's license, his Louisiana special identification card issued pursuant to R.S. 40:1321, or other generally recognized picture identification card that contains the name and signature of the voter, or a form on which the person has listed the names and addresses of at least two persons residing in his precinct who could make oath, if required, to the effect that the person is physically disabled. If he is unable to sign his name to the notice sent by mail, he shall sign it with his mark witnessed by the signatures of two witnesses.

            (4) The failure of a voter to comply with this Subsection, or the furnishing of notice and proof during the time that the registration records are closed, shall not deprive the voter of his right to vote and to receive assistance in voting if he complies with the requirements of the laws governing the conduct of elections with respect to assistance to voters in casting their votes.

            D. If an applicant for registration or registered voter is a member of a language minority group, as determined under the federal Voting Rights Act that entitles the applicant to registration notices, forms, instructions, materials, information, or other assistance in the language applicable to his language minority group, the registrar or any person authorized to accept voter registration applications shall supply such materials, information, and assistance in conformity with the federal Voting Rights Act.

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