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      RS 18:1308.1     


§1308.1.  Absentee voting by person serving on sequestered jury

A.  Immediately upon receipt of an application, the registrar shall deliver the necessary instructions, certificates, ballots, and envelopes to the officer of the court in charge of the sequestered jury on which the applicant is serving, at the address furnished by the applicant.  Each envelope delivered to the officer shall contain two envelopes, one of which shall be the ballot envelope and the other shall be a return envelope bearing the official title and mailing address of the registrar and the name, return address, and precinct or district number of the voter.  This latter envelope shall be used by each voter to return his ballot.

B.  The ballot shall be marked as provided in R.S. 18:1310 and returned to the registrar by the officer of the court in charge of the sequestered jury.  Upon its receipt, the registrar shall post the name and precinct of the voter as required by R.S. 18:1311.

C.  All ballots of persons serving on a sequestered jury received by the registrar by the time of closing of the polls on the day of the election shall be counted.

Added by Acts 1981, No. 475, §1; Acts 2012, No. 138, §1, eff. May 14, 2012.

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