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      RS 18:1310     


§1310. Execution of certificate; marking of ballot; casting vote; assistance

            A.(1) When a voter receives the absentee voting materials by mail, he first shall fill in all blanks on the certificate on the ballot envelope flap. The voter then shall mark the ballot according to the printed instructions on its face. Then the voter shall place the voted ballot in the envelope, seal the envelope, and sign the certificate on the ballot envelope flap.

            (2) When absentee by mail voting materials are electronically transmitted to a voter pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter, the voter first shall mark each ballot according to the instructions on the ballot, either by marking the ballot electronically and then printing it, or by printing the ballot first and then marking it by hand. The voter shall then print all remaining documents and fill in all blanks on the certificate and the waiver of the right to a secret ballot for each ballot mailing. The voter shall then place the voted ballot or ballots, completed certificate, and waiver of the right to a secret ballot for each ballot mailing in a separate envelope, seal the envelope, mark "Absentee Ballot Enclosed" on the envelope, and mail the envelope and its contents to the registrar of voters.

            B.(1) No candidate in any election shall assist any voter in casting his ballot in that election.

            (2) Except as otherwise provided in Paragraph (1) of this Subsection, a person otherwise qualified to vote by absentee by mail who is visually impaired or physically disabled or who is unable to read or write may receive assistance in voting absentee by mail from any person selected by him. The failure of a voter to furnish notice and proof during the time that the registration records are closed shall not deprive the voter of his right to receive assistance in voting if he complies with the requirements of the laws governing the conduct of elections with respect to assistance to voters in casting their votes as required by R.S. 18:564 or 1309.3.

            (3) A person who is eligible for assistance in voting absentee by mail or early voting may, in the same manner, seek assistance in the signing of his name or making of his mark. Any person who assists a voter in signing his name or making his mark shall explain to the voter that a signature or mark so made certifies that all statements in the certificate, if applicable, are true and correct and that any person who knowingly provides false or incorrect statements is subject to a fine or imprisonment, or both.

            C.(1) Any person who assists a voter in voting absentee by mail shall execute the acknowledgment on the ballot envelope flap prepared by the secretary of state, verifying that the person providing the assistance has marked the ballot in the manner dictated by the voter.

            (2) The registrar or deputy registrar shall follow the procedures contained in R.S. 18:1309.3 when paper ballots are used for early voting.

            D.(1) If a voter determines that his ballot is spoiled because he wants to change or correct his vote on the ballot before it is cast and counted but is unable to do so, he may obtain a replacement ballot from the registrar of voters in his parish.

            (2) Upon receiving the replacement ballot, the voter shall mark the ballot and return it to the registrar as provided in this Section. The voter shall not return the spoiled ballot to the registrar, but shall destroy it. If the voter sends both the spoiled ballot and the replacement ballot to the registrar and the board can determine which is the spoiled ballot and which is the replacement ballot, the board shall count the replacement ballot. If the board cannot determine which is the spoiled ballot and which is the replacement ballot, each of such ballots shall be void.

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