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      RS 27:428     


§428.  Application for additional licenses by person previously found suitable; personal history and financial information not required under certain circumstances

A.  A person previously found suitable for licensing for the operation of video draw poker devices by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board may not be required to submit personal history and personal financial information when filing an application for an additional license to operate video draw poker devices if the Louisiana Gaming Control Board determines all of the following:

(1)  The person previously submitted personal history and personal financial information with an application for a license to operate video draw poker devices which is active and the person is still associated with the license.

(2)  The applicant has completed an affidavit in a form approved by the board which certifies that there have been no changes to the prior qualification and suitability information previously submitted to the board required by the board in making the initial determination that the applicant was qualified and suitable for licensing as required by R.S. 27:427.

(3)  The applicant has submitted any other releases, affidavits, documents, or information required by the board for the issuance of the additional license.

B.  The provisions of this Section shall not apply to the conducting of suitability determinations in connection with the renewal of existing licenses held by the applicant.

C.  The Louisiana Gaming Control Board shall adopt rules to implement the provisions of this Section.  The rules shall be adopted in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act and the provisions of R.S. 27:15(B)(8).

Acts 2003, No. 1266, §1; Acts 2012, No. 161, §4.

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