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      RS 27:419     


§419.  Truck stop construction; advertising; notice of intent to construct

A.  Any person applying for a license for the placement of video draw poker devices at a truck stop facility shall have, prior to any required rezoning, construction application, or construction of the truck stop which the applicant seeks to establish as a qualified truck stop facility, publish a notice of his intention to build a truck stop that may qualify for a license to operate video draw poker devices as a qualified truck stop facility.

B.  The notice shall be published on two separate days in the official journal of the parish where the facility is to be located and in another newspaper with a larger circulation within the parish than the official journal of the parish, if there is one.  All costs associated with publication of this notice shall be borne by the person seeking application for a licensed truck stop facility.

C.  Requirements for the notice required in this Section shall be prescribed by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, which requirements shall include:

(1)  Prominent placement in the newspaper in a section other than the classified advertisement or public notice section.

(2)  Formatting in a box with a bolded outline.

(3)  A size of not less than two inches by four inches.

(4)  Print in bold face type.

(5)  The additional publications in the official journal as required by this Subsection shall be provided by the official journal at a charge not in excess of the rates assessed and charged for regular commercial advertising.

(6)  Failure to timely accomplish such publication shall make an application for a licensed truck stop null, void, and of no effect until the person seeking application has fully complied with the requirements of advertising pursuant to this Section.

(7)  Each person required to publish public notice pursuant to this Section shall also provide notice to the local governing authority in its parish or district as the case may be.

D.  In addition to the requirements for publication provided for in this Section, the person seeking application shall issue a press release to newspapers with substantial distribution within the parish where the facility is to be located and to area broadcast media.

Acts 2012, No. 161, §2.

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