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      RS 27:425     


§425.  Tax clearance

A.  Each applicant for a license or renewal of a license shall provide to the division in addition to the application form, a signed sales tax clearance from the secretary of the Department of Revenue, which clearance request shall be processed within seven business days.

B.  No license shall be granted to any applicant unless he has submitted proof to the division as required in this Section, that he does not owe the state or local governing authority of the parish or municipality in which the establishment is located any delinquent sales taxes, penalties, or interest, excluding items under formal appeal or protest as provided by law.

C.  When an applicant for a license files its application with the division, the applicant shall send notice with a copy of the application to the local governing authority and submit evidence of the notification to the division.

Acts 2012, No. 161, §2.

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