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      RS 27:430     


§430.  Rules and regulations; reporting to board or division

A.  The board shall promulgate rules and regulations for the counting and collecting of all net device revenues and for the timely payment of all license fees and penalties.  The board or division, where applicable, may institute proceedings for the collection of fees and penalties.

B.  Each month, the device owner must give the division a report containing the:

(1)  Serial number of each video draw poker device.

(2)  Name and address of the establishment where each device is located.

(3)  Computer printouts of the net revenue of each device taken directly from the device's electronic accounting devices, if requested by the board or division, where applicable.

C.  The division may require any device owner to maintain or submit any data, information, record, or reports required by this Chapter in any computer form, program, or storage consistent with its recordkeeping or computer system or access.  Any rule or regulation promulgated pursuant to this Subsection shall apply to the records of all device owners.

D.  Video draw poker devices placed in a licensed establishment which is a restaurant shall be operated and played only in a designated area, as approved by the division, which is separated from restaurant patrons seated in the dining area of the restaurant.

E.  Except for a uniform logo and advertising notice approved by the board, the board may promulgate rules to prohibit licensed establishments from advertising video gaming activities on the outside of the premises where video gaming devices are located.

F.(1)  The board may establish by rule criteria for the physical placement of video draw poker devices within a licensed establishment.

(2)  Any establishment which allows minors to enter the area where video draw poker devices are located or operated shall separate any video draw poker devices from the sight of any minor by placing a partition of at least five feet in height between the video draw poker devices and in any area where a minor may be present.

Acts 2012, No. 161, §2.

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