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      RS 23:1235     


§1235.  Payments to minor dependents; how made

Where there is a surviving widow or widower and child or children entitled to compensation, the compensation above prescribed shall be paid entirely to the widow or widower for the benefit of the widow or widower and the common benefit of the child or children and the appointment of a tutor or tutrix shall not be necessary provided that in no event shall an amount in excess of the amount provided in R.S. 23:1232(1) be allocated for the exclusive use of the widow or widower alone.  Where there is no surviving parent, and child or children entitled to compensation, payment shall be made in the following manner:

(1)  To the duly appointed tutor or tutrix for a child or children under the age of eighteen.

(2)  Directly to a child or children age eighteen years or older, except when the dependent is mentally or physically impaired.

Amended by Acts 1966, No. 82, §1; Acts 2006, No. 486, §1.

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