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      RS 23:1310.2     


§1310.2. Duties of assistant secretary

            A. The chief administrative officer to assist the workers' compensation judges shall be the assistant secretary of the office of workers' compensation administration, who shall be subject to the general administrative authority of the secretary.

            B. In addition to his other duties set forth in Title 23 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, the assistant secretary shall organize, direct, and develop the administrative work in support of the work of the workers' compensation judges, including the docketing, clerical, technical, and financial work, establish hours of operation, and perform such other duties relating to matters within the purview of the workers' compensation judges as any one of them may request.

            C. The assistant secretary shall employ other employees, within budgetary limitation, necessary to carry out the work and orders of the workers' compensation judges in an efficient and expedient manner.

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