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      RS 24:519     


§519.  Report of remedial actions

A.  In any case in which an audit report issued by the legislative auditor, or accepted by the legislative auditor pursuant to R.S. 24:513 cites reportable conditions or includes a management letter or other irregularities, as required by R.S. 24:516 to be reported, the head of the auditee to which the audit report pertained shall, within thirty days of receipt of said report, advise the Legislative Audit Advisory Council in writing of any remedial actions taken on the matters cited in the report or remedial action to be taken in the future.  

B.  When such audit report discloses illegalities or fraud and a copy of said report as provided by law has been sent to the district attorney of proper jurisdiction, the said district attorney shall within thirty days advise the chairman of the council as to action he has taken or proposes to take in connection with the illegality or fraud cited in said audit report.  When future action is to be taken by the district attorney, the council shall set a date for receipt of further advice in the matter.  When such advice is not forthcoming from the head of the agency audited or from the district attorney, as the case may be, or when it is evident that suitable action has not been taken, the council shall report the matter to the legislature at its next regular session for whatever action the legislature deems advisable under the circumstances.  

Acts 1991, No. 610, §1, eff. Dec. 31, 1991.  

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