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      RS 24:57     


§57.  Administration

The board, in performance of its duties under this Part, shall:

(1)  Register lobbyists and assign lobbyist registration numbers as required by this Part.

(2)  Issue to each registered lobbyist at the time of initial registration a copy of this Part and any rules adopted pursuant to this Part.

(3)  Establish and maintain access to a searchable electronic database available to the public via the Internet.

(4)  Establish forms for the registration and reports required by this Part, including clear and concise instructions on how to properly complete the forms particularly regarding the reporting of expenditures by the lobbyist and any expenditures of the employer or principal of the lobbyist in the manner required by this Part.

(5)  Promulgate forms which allow a lobbyist to register, renew registration, file supplemental registration forms, and file reports pursuant to this Part and Part IV of Chapter 1 of Title 49 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950.

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