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      RS 27:14     


§14.  Compensation

A.  No board member shall be engaged in any other form of public employment.  Income resulting from investment or savings is permitted during service as a board member provided that no such income results from investment in any entity that has or is seeking a license, permit, casino contract, or action or approval from the board.

B.(1)  Members of the board shall receive a salary fixed by the governor, not to exceed fifteen thousand dollars per year, and shall be entitled to a per diem not to exceed one hundred dollars for attendance at a board meeting.

(2)  The chairman of the board shall devote full time to his duties as chairman and shall not engage in any other business or profession.  During such service, the chairman shall not earn compensation of any kind other than his salary paid as a board member.  The chairman shall receive an annual salary equal in amount to a judge of the courts of appeal of this state, as provided in R.S. 13:311.

C.  Members shall be reimbursed actual expenses incurred for travel when attending to official business of the board pursuant to a plan adopted by the board by rule after study of what is necessary, appropriate, and customary.  Such a rule shall provide that expense reimbursement shall not inure to the pecuniary benefit of the board member or the immediate family of the board member, but shall only provide for replacement of necessary, appropriate, and customary out-of-pocket expenses.

Acts 1996, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 7, §1, eff. May 1, 1996.

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