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      RS 27:202     


§202.  Public policy of state concerning gaming

A.  The legislature hereby recognizes that the gaming operations and activities are unique activities for state government and that a corporate structure will best enable the casino gaming to be managed in an entrepreneurial and business-like manner.  It is the intent of the legislature that the Louisiana State Gaming Corporation shall be accountable to the governor, the legislature, and the people of the state through a system of audits, reports, and legislative oversight, and thorough financial disclosure as required by this Chapter.

B.  The legislature hereby finds and declares to be the public policy of this state that:

(1)  The development of a controlled gaming industry is important to the development of the economy of the state of Louisiana in that it will assist in the continuing growth of the tourism industry and thus will benefit the general welfare of our citizens.

(2)  The growth and success of gaming is dependent upon public confidence and trust that gaming activities and, in particular, that casino gaming activities are conducted honestly and are free from criminal and corruptive elements.

(3)  Public confidence and trust can only be maintained by strict regulation of all persons, practices, associations, and activities related to the operation of the official gaming establishment and the manufacture, supply, or distribution of gaming devices and supplies.

C.  It is the express intent, desire, and policy of the legislature that no holder of the casino operating contract, applicant for a license, permit, contract, or other thing existing, issued, or let as a result of this Chapter shall have any right or action to obtain any license, permit, contract, or the granting of the approval sought except as provided for and authorized by this Chapter.  Any license, permit, contract, approval, or thing obtained or issued pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter is expressly declared by the legislature to be a pure and absolute revocable privilege and not a right, property or otherwise, under the constitutions of the United States or of the state of Louisiana.  Further the legislature declares that no holder acquires any vested right therein or thereunder.

D.  The legislature hereby declares that notwithstanding any other laws of the state to the contrary, the state, through the Louisiana Economic Development and Gaming Corporation (hereafter referred to as the "corporation"), is hereby authorized to enter into a casino operating contract with a casino operator requiring the operator to provide for or furnish an official gaming establishment, to provide all items necessary for the conducting of gaming operations, and to conduct casino gaming operations at the official gaming establishment pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter.

E.  Notwithstanding any other provision of this Chapter to the contrary, if the casino operating contract is extinguished before the end of its term through breach of contract by the casino operator, another contract may be entered into as provided for in this Chapter.

F.  The legislature hereby directs that with respect to all design, engineering, construction, and maintenance contracts and/or projects undertaken by the contractor, or gaming corporation, the contractor and/or gaming corporation shall adopt written policies, procedures, and regulations to allow the participation of businesses owned by minorities in all such design, engineering, and construction contracts and/or projects.  The legislature hereby further directs that the written policies, procedures, and regulations shall provide for the inclusion of businesses owned by minorities to the maximum extent practicable.

G.(1)  All businesses or vendors selected by the contractor or the gaming corporation for any purpose shall strictly adhere to the nondiscrimination policies and practices embodied in applicable federal, state, and local law.

(2)  Any business, vendor, and/or contractor selected by the gaming corporation to operate the casino contemplated herein shall, as nearly as practicable, employ minorities consistent with the population of the state.

Acts 1992, No. 384, §1, eff. June 18, 1992.  Redesignated from R.S. 4:602 by Acts 1996, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 7, §3, eff. May 1, 1996.

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