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      RS 27:311     


§311. Civil penalties; adoption of schedule of penalties

            A. The Louisiana Gaming Control Board shall adopt as a rule the schedule of penalties provided for by this Chapter. All rules shall be adopted pursuant to the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act.

            B. A civil penalty shall not exceed fifty thousand dollars for each violation of any provision of this Chapter or rule of the board.

            C.(1) Payment of the civil penalty shall be a requirement for the retention of any license held by the entity which violated any such provisions.

            (2)(a) Failure to remit civil penalties shall result in the shutdown of the platform of the operator who refused to remit the civil penalty. The provisions of this Subparagraph shall apply only in those instances where no administrative hearing has been timely requested.

            (b) Upon payment of the penalty, the platform may be reactivated.

            D. If the operator contests the imposition of the civil penalty, the penalty shall be imposed only after an adjudicatory hearing is conducted pursuant to R.S. 27:25 and a basis for imposition of the penalty is determined to exist.

            Acts 2020, No. 141, §1, eff. June 9, 2020.

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