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      RS 27:364     


§364. Gaming Control Board; powers and duties

            A. The board shall:

            (1)(a) Adopt, pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act, all rules necessary to implement, administer, and regulate slot machine gaming as authorized in this Chapter.

            (b) Such rules shall include:

            (i) Procedures for applying for a license and seeking renewal of a license.

            (ii) Establishing technical qualifications beyond suitability as provided for in this Chapter which shall be necessary to be licensed as a manufacturer and a service technician.

            (iii) A process for counting and collecting net slot machine proceeds.

            (iv) A standard for determining whether changes in interests in various licensees are sufficiently significant such that to continue the license in the licensee would violate the prohibitions in R.S. 27:361(E)(2).

            (v) A prescription of the types of slot machines which may be operated and the games which may be permitted on such machines. No game may be permitted on such machines by prescription of the board which resembles a game the play of which requires, or typically includes, the participation of another natural person.

            (vi) A procedure for the withholding of progressive slot machine annuities, of persons who have outstanding child support arrearages or child support overpayments. The board may require any agency reporting current child support arrearages, or overpayments of child support payments collected and distributed to a custodial parent by the child support enforcement section of the Department of Children and Family Services to the board to provide information relating to such arrearages or overpayments in a manner, format, or record approved by the board. The board or any entity licensed or permitted under this Title shall not be liable for withholding or failing to withhold any progressive slot machine annuities, based upon information provided to it. The board shall enact such rules and regulations by January 1, 2007.

            (c) Such rules may include:

            (i) Requiring licensees or former licensees to maintain specified records and submit any data, information, record, or report including financial and income records, required by this Chapter or determined by the board to be necessary to the proper implementation and enforcement of this Chapter.

            (ii) Requiring certain minimum physical security standards be observed in designated gaming areas.

            (iii) Requiring a standard of maintenance of slot machines.

            (2) Revoke or suspend the license of any person who is found, after receiving a license, to have been unsuitable at the time of application for the license or who is otherwise found unsuitable.

            (3) Conduct any investigation or cause any investigation to be conducted by the division the board determines necessary to fulfill its responsibilities under the provisions of this Chapter.

            (4) Permit slot machines to be linked for the offering of progressive jackpots.

            (5) Approve the location, plans, and construction of the designated gaming area in an eligible facility.

            B. The board may direct the division to:

            (1) Inspect and examine all premises where slot machines are offered for play or where slot machines or equipment are manufactured, sold, or repaired.

            (2) Inspect all slot machines and related equipment and supplies.

            (3) Summarily seize and remove slot machines and related equipment and supplies from any facility wherein such machines are or have been operated pursuant to this Chapter.

            C. The board may:

            (1) Deny, revoke, condition, or suspend the license of any person who violates any provision of this Chapter or any rule adopted pursuant to the authority granted in this Chapter. This is a power in addition to the requirement of Paragraph (2) of Subsection A of this Section and is not intended to limit that requirement.

            (2) Take steps necessary to collect fees owed to the board, including filing a suit.

            (3) Direct the division to act on its behalf in any manner relative to investigation, inspection, and enforcement.

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