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      RS 27:373     


§373.  Prohibited relationships

A.(1)  In addition to any prohibition found in Chapter 15 of Title 42 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, no person employed by or performing any function on behalf of the board or the division may:

(a)  Be an officer, director, owner, or employee of any person or entity licensed by the board.

(b)  Have or hold any interest, direct or indirect, in or engage in any commerce or business relationship with any entity licensed by the board.

(2)(a)  No elected public official as defined in R.S. 42:1 shall engage in any business activity with a licensee except as a patron.

(b)  As used in this Paragraph, business activity shall specifically include but is not limited to contracts:

(i)  For the sale or purchase of goods, merchandise, and services.

(ii)  To provide or receive legal services, advertising, public relations, or any other business or personal service.

(iii)  For the listing, purchase, or sale of immovable property or options or real rights relating thereto.

(iv)  Modifying ownership or possessory interests in stocks, bonds, securities, or any financial instruments.

(3)  The Board of Ethics shall administer and enforce the provisions of this Subsection.  The procedures provided for in the Code of Governmental Ethics shall apply to the administration and enforcement of the provisions of this Subsection.

B.  No person licensed by the board as a manufacturer, distributor, or slot machine owner may participate in the operation of any computer program, software, or device which is used for the polling or reading of slot machine operations or for the remote shutdown of those operations as provided for in R.S. 27:365(2).

Acts 1997, No. 721, §1, eff. July 9, 1997.

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