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      RS 32:424     


§424.  Department may compel examination of suspected incompetents; prohibited disclosure of information; exceptions

A.(1)  The department, having good cause to believe that a licensed driver or chauffeur is incompetent or otherwise not qualified to be licensed, may upon written notice of at least ten days to the licensee require him to submit to one, any combination of, or all of the following:

(a)  Knowledge test.

(b)  Skills test.

(c)  Medical examination.

(2)  Upon the conclusion of such test, or tests, or examination, or examinations, the department shall take action as may be appropriate, including permitting the licensee to retain the license or suspending, revoking, or restricting the license.  Refusal or neglect of the licensee to submit to any test or examination required pursuant to this Subsection shall be grounds for suspension or revocation of his license.

B.  Medical information contained on the medical examination form provided by the department shall not be disclosed to any third party without the written consent of or a written waiver from the individual whose record is being reviewed or unless pursuant to an order of a court of competent jurisdiction.  The written consent shall be signed and dated by the individual whose record is being reviewed.  All written waivers shall clearly identify the person whose medical information is sought to be released and to whom the medical information shall be released.  A written waiver shall be valid for a single specific request for medical information and shall not be valid for multiple or ongoing requests.

C.  Any person who knowingly violates a confidentiality provision of this Section, who knowingly permits or encourages the unauthorized use of a report, or who intentionally files a false report to the department regarding a driver's qualifications shall be liable for damages resulting from such action.  The licensed driver or chauffeur may seek an order from a court of competent jurisdiction for the release of the name of the individual who reported the licensed driver or the chauffeur to the department for investigation.

Acts 2001, No. 48, §1; Acts 2012, No. 746, §1.

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