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      RS 33:1395     





§1395.  Method of proposing home rule charter

A.  Any parish or municipality may draft, adopt, or amend a home rule charter.  The method to be used is the charter commission, which can either be appointed by the governing body or elected by the people.

B.  A charter commission must be elected when the clerk of a municipality or parish is presented with a petition for the election of a home rule charter commission as provided in Article VI, Section 5(B) of the Louisiana Constitution of 1974 signed by not less than ten percent of the electors or ten thousand electors, whichever is fewer, who live within the boundaries of the affected municipality or parish as certified by the registrar of voters, and the governing authority of the municipality or parish shall call an election to elect a commission to prepare and propose a home rule charter or alternate charter.  The election of the commission shall be called by the governing authority of the municipality or parish and on the next date allowed under the provisions of R.S. 18:402 for a primary or general election, special election, or bond, tax, or other election but not less than one hundred twenty days after the petition is presented to the clerk.  Any such election shall otherwise be held pursuant to and in accordance with the election law of the state.

Acts 1980, No. 703, §1.  Acts 1984, No. 672, §2.

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