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      RS 34:1652.2     


§1652.2.  Ordinances

All ordinances enacted by the commissioners, acting as the governing authority of the commission, concerning the territory, jurisdiction and control of the port area, and the proper conduct thereof, shall be enforceable by fine not to exceed five hundred dollars or imprisonment not to exceed six months in the parish jail, or both fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court.  The commission shall by proper ordinances make rules and regulations for the conduct, management and control of the port, its commerce, traffic and navigation, the waters and landings within its territorial jurisdiction, the structures and other facilities under its administration, and for the government thereof, which the commission may, in its judgment, find to be necessary or proper in the exercise of the powers now conferred upon it by the constitution and statutes of the state of Louisiana, and shall, from time to time, enlarge, modify or change such rules and regulations in its discretion.  By such ordinances the commission may, without limitation of such powers granted herein, adopt such rules and regulations with respect to the safety and efficiency of port operations, the protection of property, life and personal safety and welfare of its employees and of the public; the control, use and protection of the landings, docks, wharves, warehouses, equipment and other facilities and improvements and appurtenances thereto, under its administration; the navigation and use of the waters within its jurisdiction; the loading, unloading, transfer or transshipment of cargoes from, to or between all water craft and other vehicles within its jurisdiction; the prevention of interference with and the obstruction of facilities and services necessary or related to the orderly and efficient handling of the commerce and traffic of the port; the protection, removal and disposition of cargoes; and generally with respect to the safety and efficiency of the operations of the port.  The Criminal District Court for the Parish of Lafourche shall have jurisdiction of the trial and punishment of all violations of the ordinances passed by the commission committed within the parish of Lafourche.

Added by Acts 1972, No. 22, §1.

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