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      RS 34:26     


§26.  Port and harbor police

The board of commissioners may, in its discretion, appoint, fix salaries of, and pay port and harbor police; said police to consist of such number of men of good character and citizens of the state, not under 21 years of age.  Each of the port and harbor police so appointed shall furnish bond in a sum to be fixed by the board of commissioners at not less than one thousand dollars, conditioned on the faithful performance of his duties, and any person injured or damaged by any port or harbor police may sue upon said bond.  The port and harbor police shall have, under the direction and control of the board of commissioners, the same power to make arrests, in and upon the property within the jurisdiction of the board and approaches thereto, and to execute and return all criminal warrants and processes, as sheriffs of this state have, and shall under the same direction and authority, have all the powers of sheriffs as peace officers in all places and on all premises under the jurisdiction and control of the board, and the streets and approaches thereto.  Any persons arrested by officers of the board and the return of all warrants or processes served by said officers shall be forthwith surrendered or delivered to the criminal sheriff of the Parish of Orleans or sheriffs of St. Bernard and Jefferson parishes; provided this shall in no way deprive the New Orleans city police or any sheriff or deputy sheriff in the parishes of Orleans, St. Bernard or Jefferson from making arrests or from serving warrants or process of court in any such place or on any such premises.  The board of commissioners shall make rules and regulations for the conduct, management and control of the port and harbor police, and shall, from time to time, enlarge, modify or change such rules and regulations in its discretion.

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