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      RS 37:1291     


§1291. Exemptions

            None of the provisions of this Part shall apply to:

            (1) Any commissioned physician or surgeon of the United States Army, Navy, or Public Health Service, practicing in the discharge of his official duties;

            (2) The administration of first aid in cases of emergency;

            (3) Practitioners of allied health fields, duly licensed, certified, or registered under other laws of this state;

            (4) Anyone attending a woman in childbirth in an emergency;

            (5) The practice of Christian Science or religious rules or ceremonies as a form of religious worship, devotion or healing, if the persons administering, making use of, assisting, or prescribing this practice rely on faith and prayer alone, do not prescribe or administer drugs, or medicine, or perform surgical or physical operations, or assume the title of, or hold themselves out to be, physicians or surgeons.

            (6) A consultation without limitation between a practicing physician licensed in this state and a practicing physician licensed in another state or jurisdiction.

            (7)(a) An individual licensed to practice medicine in another state or country when he attends to the acute care needs of the official traveling party of athletes and staff of an athletic team or organization domiciled in another state or country during or in connection with an athletic contest or event conducted in this state.

            (b) The exemption provided in this Paragraph shall not be construed to allow the performance of any elective procedure by a physician who is not duly licensed to practice medicine in accordance with the provisions of this Part.

            Acts 1975, No. 350, §1; Acts 2014, No. 535, §1; Acts 2021, No. 266, §1.

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