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      RS 37:3558     


§3558.  Massage establishments

A.  Massage establishments shall be required to be licensed as follows:

(1)  Each person engaging in the practice of massage therapy at a massage establishment shall be the holder of a Licensed Massage Therapist Identification Card (LMT-ID Card), which shall identify the therapist as being properly licensed and shall authorize the therapist to provide off-site massage services.

(2)  All locations where one or more persons are regularly engaged in the practice of massage therapy shall register with the board as a massage establishment. Additionally, all locations where more than one person is regularly engaged in the practice of massage therapy shall pay the establishment license fee.

(3)  Obtaining a massage establishment license shall be the responsibility of the entity which controls the physical location where the services are provided, which entity may be a sole proprietor, lessee, owner, partnership, corporation, cooperative, association, or other legal entity.

B.  A massage establishment shall employ or contract only licensed massage therapists to perform massage therapy.

C.  For purposes of this Chapter, "sexually oriented business" means a sex parlor, massage parlor, nude studio, modeling studio, love parlor, adult bookstore, adult movie theater, adult video arcade, adult motel, or other commercial enterprise which has as its primary business the offering of a service or the sale, rent, or exhibit of devices or any other items intended to provide sexual stimulation or sexual gratification to the customer.

D.  A sexually oriented business shall be ineligible for registration as a massage establishment and shall not operate as a massage establishment.

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