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      RS 27:94     


§94. Ninety-day time period to claim jackpot ticket; collection and use of funds

            A. The holder of a ticket obtained from any electronic gaming device which is included in the definition of "game", "gaming device", and "gaming equipment", as defined in R.S. 27:44, evidencing the right to a payment shall present the ticket for payment within ninety days after the date printed on the ticket. The failure to present such a ticket within the prescribed time shall constitute a waiver of the right to the payment. Thereafter, the holder of such ticket shall have no right to enforce payment of the ticket.

            B. The funds held by any licensee for payment of outstanding tickets and for the payment of electronic gaming device jackpots shall be retained by such licensee for such purpose until the expiration of ninety days after the date printed on the ticket.

            C. After such time, the licensee shall each day accumulate the amount equal to the sum of any unclaimed monies, less the amount of state tax paid by the licensee on the unclaimed monies that expire that day. On or before the fifteenth day of the first month following the end of a calendar-year quarter, the licensee shall remit to the state treasurer for deposit into the Crime Victims Reparations Fund as provided for in R.S. 46:1816(B)(8) an amount equal to the accumulated total for the previous calendar-year quarter. The funds shall be used exclusively to pay the expenses associated with health care services of victims of sexually-oriented criminal offenses, including forensic medical examinations as defined in R.S. 15:622.

            Acts 2015, No. 186, §2.

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