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      RS 4:714     


§714. Restrictions; requirements; transfers; prohibitions

            A. The total amount of prizes which may be awarded in any one session by a licensee shall not exceed four thousand five hundred dollars in cash or other thing or things of value, except as specifically provided in R.S. 4:707(A)(1) and (5), 710, 724, 725, 725.1, and 732. The office shall establish by rule the method of calculating the value of any thing offered as a prize.

            B. In addition to the requirement of R.S. 4:712 to display its local license, each licensee shall conspicuously display its charitable gaming license issued by the office at the premises where any game is conducted at all times during such conduct.

            C.(1) Each licensee shall designate an active member and a sufficient number of alternate members of the organization to be in charge of and primarily responsible for each session of a game of chance. Such individual, or alternates, who shall be designated as the member-in-charge, shall supervise all activities of such session and be responsible for the conduct of all games of such session. The member-in-charge or alternate shall be present at all times on the premises during the session. The provisions of this Paragraph shall only apply to call bingo sessions.

            (2) Each licensee shall designate an active member of the organization to be responsible for the documentation of receipts and disbursements as well as the maintenance of all financial records. Such individual designated shall have been a member in good standing of the organization and shall be familiar with the provisions of this Chapter, applicable local ordinances and regulations, and the rules and regulations of the office.

            D. No licensee shall purchase or otherwise obtain any gaming supplies or equipment from any distributor or manufacturer until it has first determined that the individual selling or otherwise offering such supplies or equipment has a valid license issued by the office.

            E. No licensee shall allow any person under eighteen years of age to assist in the holding, operation, or conduct of any game of chance. Charitable raffles as provided for in R.S. 4:707(D)(2) shall be exempted from requirements of this Subsection.

            F.(1) All proceeds from each gaming session, other than that amount paid out as cash prizes and that amount retained as a cash bank, shall be deposited into a bank account, known as a charitable gaming account, maintained by the charitable organization solely for such deposits. Such deposits shall occur no later than the second banking day following the date the gaming session begins, but in no case more than five calendar days later.

            (2) Any charitable organization may transfer gaming proceeds from its charitable gaming account to any other bank account controlled by the organization, subject to the administrative rules promulgated by the office pursuant to R.S. 4:705(10)(b).

            Acts 1999, No. 568, §3, eff. June 30, 1999; Acts 2003, No. 736, §1; Acts 2012, No. 351, §1; Acts 2020, No. 316, §1, eff. June 12, 2020; Acts 2022, No. 523, §1.

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