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      RS 4:719     


§719.  Commercial lessor license

A.  Any person leasing any premises for the conducting of charitable gaming activities shall obtain a commercial lessor's license for each premises to be licensed.  A commercial lessor's license shall authorize a person to lease specific premises to licensees for the conducting of charitable gaming activities.  The office, upon application and compliance with other provisions for licensure contained in this Chapter, shall issue a commercial lessor's license to qualified persons.

B.  No lease of any premises by a commercial lessor to any charitable organization for any charitable gaming session shall provide for payment in excess of the reasonable market rental rate for such premises as provided in the local licensing ordinance.  No lease shall provide for rental for less than a two-hour session.

C.  No commercial lessor shall require the payment of any other cost or fee from a charitable organization other than the rental amount provided for by the rental agreement or contract or charge admission fees to persons entering the premises to participate in the charitable gaming activities.

D.  No commercial lessor leasing premises for authorized charitable gaming activities shall enter into any agreement with a distributor of gaming supplies for the use, purchase, promotion, or sale of charitable gaming supplies.

E.  Commercial and non-commercial lessors shall be required to verify that lessees are properly licensed to conduct charitable games or games of chance authorized by the office.

Acts 1999, No. 568, §3, eff. June 30, 1999; Acts 2001, No. 106, §1, eff. July 1, 2001.

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