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      RS 4:720     


§720.  Qualifications for distributor license; additional requirements; bond; license term

A.  No person shall be granted or issued a distributor license unless the applicant demonstrates to the office that the applicant is domiciled in and resides in the state of Louisiana at the time of application.  If the applicant is a corporation, the applicant must demonstrate to the office that a majority of the stock of the applicant corporation is owned or controlled by individuals who are domiciled in and reside in the state of Louisiana at the time of application.  The provisions of this Subsection shall apply to all applications for a distributor license.

B.  The office may revoke, suspend, or condition the license of any licensed charitable organization, distributor, or manufacturer who fails to comply with any office rule, state law, or municipal or parish ordinance providing for the levy, assessment, collection, or remission of sales and use taxes.

C.  The term for a license issued pursuant to the provisions of this Section shall be for three years.  Any fees associated with the awarding of this license shall be paid annually as otherwise provided by this Chapter.

Acts 1999, No. 568, §3, eff. June 30, 1999.

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