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      RS 9:2945     


§2945.  Cancellation of bond for deed upon default

A.  If the buyer under a bond for deed contract shall fail to make the payments in accordance with its terms and conditions, the seller, at his option, may have the bond for deed cancelled by proper registry in the conveyance records, provided he has first caused the escrow agent to serve notice upon the buyer, by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, at his last known address, that unless payment is made as provided in the bond for deed within forty-five days from the mailing date of the notice, the bond for deed shall be cancelled.

B.  Where there is no mortgage or privilege existing upon the property, and the buyer shall be in default, the seller shall exercise the right of cancellation in the same manner.

C.  The fee of the clerk of court for the registry of the cancellation shall not exceed the legal rate per hundred words fixed for conveyance registries.1

Acts 1999, No. 517, §1.

1As appears in enrolled bill.

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